Our Team

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Associate Professor Cameron Clark

Principal Research Fellow in Ruminant Health

After spending 5 years as a Dairy NZ farm systems scientist in New Zealand, Cameron has returned home to the University where he completed his PhD in dairy cow physiology. Having a keen interest in the livestock production systems, Cameron is conducting research across a broad range of topics including 

  • Turning existing, and new sensor derived, farm data into information that farmers can use to improve profit, lifestyle and animal health

  • The use of sensor data and livestock behaviour to detect reduced health earlier than conventional methods

  • The use of sensor data and livestock behaviour to improve livestock climate resilience

Dr. Sabrina Lomax

Dr. Sabrina Lomax

Senior Lecturer Livestock Behaviour and Welfare

Sabrina is a lecturer in livestock behaviour and welfare and a lead scientist in the Livestock Production and Welfare Group at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. Her research is focused on promoting best practice livestock production through the integration of technology with animal behaviour and welfare science.


Dr. Dominique Van der Saag

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Dominique is a postdoctoral research associate with an expertise in pain assessment and mitigation in livestock. Her research is focused on enhancing on-farm pain relief options through novel analgesic formulations and modes of administration. Concurrently, her research is contributing to our understanding of animal pain through development of novel, objective methods for pain assessment.


Andrew Carlyon

Research Assistant

Andrew works with the objective measures of welfare team


Kayla Muir


Kayla is a proud young aboriginal woman and a descendant of the Kamilaroi mob. She has a keen passion for the health and welfare of animals and represents the group's future.

Kayla's position is supported by AFL Sportsready - a fantastic initiative.