Our research

The Livestock Production and Welfare Group at the University of Sydney is partnering with industry to monitor and improve not only the welfare of the livestock in our care but also the productivity of the systems in which these animals are raised.

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Pain management

We improve the welfare and production of sheep and cattle subject to invasive husbandry procedures through novel pain mitigation and wound management strategies.

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Heat amelioration

As our environment warms, new systems and resilient animals are required to maintain animal performance and welfare. Our group is providing practical options for the Australian livestock industry to reduce heat stress.

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Animal health and production

Agtech is revolutionizing our understanding of the welfare and performance of the individual animal within mobs/herds/flocks. We partner with tech providers and data scientists to solve key industry problems alongside exploiting opportunities for improved farm profitability and animal welfare. Current work, in partnership with the University of Queensland, creates new methods to determine Buffalo Fly count on cattle - and in so doing enable selection of resilient animals.


Animal Husbandry

We are working with industry to reduce the impact of livestock handling practices. Optimising mustering and the weaning process are key priorities.


Food security

We work with the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute to increase animal protein supply. This programme is increasing the nutritive value of Napier Grass offered to native cattle breeds by optimising the timing and degree of defoliation. The group has a particular focus on the resilient Red Chittagong breed.